Performance Management

Who Are the Animals of Analytics-Based Performance Management?

Ever notice how the personalities and dispositions of animals often resemble humans’? An organization’s pursuit of adopting analytics-based performance management involves personalities of all types. How are they like the creatures that populate our planet? Here is a zoology of analogous types of employees that you might recognize.

Lions – These are the managers whom co-workers respect. They are bold […]

Beethoven and Analytics – Based Enterprise Performance Management

I was educated as an industrial engineer, but I sometimes masquerade as an accountant. Engineers are not perceived as very worldly or sophisticated. They are often pictured with a shirt-pocket protector stuffed with pens. But some engineers, like me, do have appreciation for the performing arts. For example, I appreciate classical music. In particular, I admire and am in awe […]

Business Performance Management: Build vs. Buy

While most organizations wouldn’t even consider building their own transaction processing system, the build vs. buy decision is most definitely on the minds of individuals charged with leveraging business performance management systems (BPM) today.

Tools vs. Applications

Software technology, within any given market niche, usually begins with the introduction of tools that enable early adopters to develop their own application solutions. These […]