Descriptive Analytics

Start by fully understanding what has happened and what is happening now

You can use descriptive analytics to examine performance indicators and key metrics to understand how your company is performingYou can change your company culture by incorporating measurements into daily activities.  These measurements, which may contain information for multiple data sources, can then be compared to preset corporate goals and plans, providing clarity to company performance.

Business intelligence capabilities are an important part of the descriptive analytics phase.  They bring together structured and unstructured data from disparate systems throughout your enterprise to provide consistent snapshots of business performance in the past and in real time. They show the trends and patterns that are hidden in your data through dashboards, reports and visualizations that not only reveal what is happening, but also begin to diagnose why.  With descriptive analytics, you can evaluate your business in terms of past and current sales, revenue, customer acquisition, employee retention, product distribution, and even asset status and condition.

Develop new insights with Decision Systems

Decision Systems can help you design and deploy the appropriate descriptive analytics solutions.  We’ll work with you to identify existing relationships and discover new insights.  Decision Systems will help you employ the right methodologies using the most appropriate analytic tools, so that you can identify critical issues and exceptions in your data.  Using the right combination of self-service and advanced analytics, you’ll have the ability to explore areas of interest and dig deep into understanding not only what is happening but why it’s occurring.