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Learning has never been so easy! – Become a pro with the outperform your skills webinar series

Most of the cubus  customers are using cubus EV Analytics for self-service analysis on top of OLAP databases. Enabling product know-how quickly and easily: this is our goal. Many cubus outperform users use only a fraction of the possibilities that the software offers. The functions can simplify and accelerate their daily work enormously.

In this upcoming webinar series  cubus  would like to show you how to introduce a reporting and analysis application with cubus.   We will show you tips and tricks for cubus outperform. Save time and effort.

Cubus webinars are delivered in English.  They run 20 minutes.

Decision Systems works with cubus AG to provide  webinars that offers insights into deployment – your company can experience improved analysis and reporting.  Tell us about your application and we can help determine which webinar is appropriate for you. Summarize in the message box, what kind of performance management metrics are of interest to you, and how you may want to deploy cubus EV.

The current webcast schedule is:

March 26 & 28 10:00 – 11:00 AM CST – Your Planning Analytics Upgrade dilemma

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Clients talk about Cubus

I’ve been a cubus customer since the launch of the EV Analytics product, and we use it extensively at MasterCard. The ease of use of EV Analytics has been instrumental in making it one of the most highly used reporting tools in the company, used by Finance, Account Management, Sales and Product Management teams globally.
Robert Mayette, Business Leader Business Intelligence - Mastercard

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